Top designs Byblos Summer 2020 Bags – The new collection!

Bags – τσάντες γυναικείες – are definitely one of the most favourite and necessary accessories for every woman. It is not only used to convey the essentials, but often adds style and colour to an everyday or evening outfit.

The new collection of bags from Byblos for Summer 2020 came to help us renew our wardrobe according to the top bag trends of the season.

After all, no matter how many bags a woman has, a new one is always welcome in her “fleet“. Whether it’s an everyday women’s work bag or an evening bag, it will always fit in a corner of our closet.

Byblos Bags Summer 2020

The following is a sample of Byblos new bag collection, which covers every taste and every age. Get a taste of the beautiful designs and colours in backpacks, bags, and business bags.

  • Byblos women’s backpacks for Summer 2020
  • Leather blue Byblos backpack with quilted details and chains
  • Pink backpack with black details at the end of Byblos
  • Soft Byblos backpack made of soft leather
  • Yellow quilted Byblos backpack with zipper
  • Backpack in cookie colour with pocket from Byblos
  • Capitone blue Byblos backpack
  • Pink snake backpack Byblos with pocket and chain on straps

One of the most convenient and favourite everyday women’s bags is the backpacks. The well-known backpack leaves our hands free to move, while sharing the weight on both shoulders.

It is usually large in size and can hold anything you may need during the day, both at work and at any other time.

4 Bag has a wide variety of spring and summer backpacks in various designs and colours that you will love.

Summer women’s shoulder bags Byblos

  • Two-tone Byblos shoulder bag in the colour of cognac with black details
  • Beige quilted Byblos shoulder bag with chain straps
  • Gray snake shoulder bag with strap chain
  • Pink quilted shoulder bag with straps
  • Beige shoulder bag Byblos like a pouch with zipper and black details

Elegant and classic women’s shoulder bags are equally popular with the female population. They fit a lot inside, but it’s best not to overload them, as we usually do, because they throw weight on one side of the body, which often leads to problems. But if we choose to put in the essentials, a shoulder bag is very chic and ideal for everyday life.

The quilted, embossed, snake, and minimalist designs are just some of Byblos suggestions for spring and summer 2020 bags. choices. Equally interesting, however, are the bright colours of the season, such as classic blue, fuchsia and yellow.

Byblos handbags for summer 2020 season

Another very feminine bag design is the handbag. Most of the time its size is large, however there are smaller designs for those who prefer them. It is ideal for the office but also for walks.

And if you get tired of holding it, the good thing is that you can use its long strap to turn it into a cross. After all, most designs are equipped with both straps.

Byblos Tote bags

Tote bags, as they are otherwise called handbags – tsanta xeiros -, in the spring and summer season of Byblos have a great variety in both colours and style.

  • Professional women’s bags from Byblos 2020 collection
  • Two-tone professional shoulder bag in the colour of cognac with black straps

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