I want we experienced go through the Jan. 2 short article by Catharine Hamm about concerns with passport scanning just before my wife went to the Section of Motor Motor vehicles with her passport as an alternative of her birth certificate.

She waited months for the DMV appointment and had to get time off of work to come across out that they would not settle for her passport as ID.

For goodness sake, why on Earth do they not set that info on their website? If they just advised folks to provide a qualified delivery certificate, apps could in fact be processed.

The stupidity and incompetence at DMV by no means finishes.

Of class, the DMV webpage proceeds to convey to men and women that they can use their passport.

Does it consider an act of the governor for somebody to place a notice on the webpage that states:¨ “We are possessing issues with the passports you should convey a qualified birth certification instead”?

It ought to not consider 6 relentless months of work, and lacking get the job done on two days, to get a Real ID driver´’s license.

How several 1000’s of people confirmed up with a passport and ended up turned absent vacant-handed? How many million dollars extra will the DMV waste possessing all of individuals individuals commence around from scratch?

It is virtually ample to make a person go to one more state to implement for ID.

I have an understanding of now that the passport verification technique is broken, so why not e-mail each man or woman who built an appointment for a Real ID software and convey to him or her to bring a birth certification?

I contacted DMV management in our space but got no reply.

What took place to the governor’´s new DMV strike pressure? Need to all people suffer this way? By the way, they also refused to settle for a TSA Nexus card.

What is the point of acquiring Authentic ID if you have a passport? I counsel that maybe all people boycott Actual ID.

David Lerman

Editor’s observe: If you are making use of a start certification for Authentic ID, the identify on that certificate should be the similar as your recent lawful title. If you have altered your title due to the fact of a marriage, you have to have your marriage certification for your latest name and any other names. If you have modified your name for any other purpose, you will want suitable authorized documentation.

In a letter from Robert Bubnovich on Jan. 19 (“What Arrives From Serious ID”), he writes that the documents demanded for a Real ID can all be faked.

If that is genuinely the circumstance, then the uncomplicated alternative would be to just faux a Actual ID driver’s license and so avoid the line at DMV.

Of training course, I’m not suggesting that. It is unlawful though it might be more quickly.

Ed Schoch

I far too experienced to a short while ago change my California driver’s license and could not get an appointment quickly. (I required to substitute a stolen license.) I went to the office about 40 minutes right before closing. That a common area school recreation was also taking area in all probability also factored into in a minimized hold out time.

I was carried out within just 30 minutes. It helped that I experienced carried out the prep registration on-line as DMV advises.

Don Heuman
Los Angeles

Say no to Zambia

As an L.A. Times subscriber and avid traveler, I enjoy reading through the Travel section, but I am anxious about the Zambia report by Janet Hook (Jan. 19, “Walk in the Wild”). Whilst Zambia may possibly host great going for walks safaris, do not go to Zambia. The U.S. ambassador was recalled in December soon after speaking out about corruption and about a exact same-sex few who were imprisoned for 15 decades due to the fact of their sexuality.

Their procedures are repressive, and we must not be encouraging visitors to be complicit and support their overall economy. At the pretty least, you should warn travelers not to go to Zambia if they are homosexual. It is considerably as well dangerous.

A. Roberts
Los Angeles

The major offenders

I generally take pleasure in “On the Spot” due to the fact it provides stable info. Nevertheless, in Jan. 19’s “3 Thoughts to Check with Before You Fly Again” by Catharine Hamm, the 3rd item about the “cost to the environment” requires a additional reasonable standpoint.

As considerably as environment CO2 emissions go, airplanes account for only 1%. Also, ships (generally container ships but also Navy and cruise ships) account for just 2%. Hence, we all need to continue on to fly and cruise with a obvious conscience of not considerably harming the natural environment.

Of training course, the important environment CO2 emitter is China, about double the U.S. contribution. And California contributes only about 1% of the world’s CO2.

Richard J. Proctor
San Clemente

Can you please incorporate the importance of how you fly? Flying in organization or very first class versus economic system boosts your footprint by a number of situations, as the Guardian notes in an article.

Also, traveling small-carbon airways assists. The new Boeing Dreamliner makes use of only 50 % the gas of the old planes they swap a wee bit of excellent information for Boeing. Preventing flying at night also aids, but that’s a more included discussion.

I definitely like your feedback about trains in California. If the bullet prepare isn’t likely to perform, why cannot we have just a typical coach that usually takes five to 7 several hours to go from L.A. to San Francisco?

Suzanne E. Paulson
Chair, Office of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Professor, UCLA Institute of the Atmosphere & Sustainability
Director, Center for Thoroughly clean Air, UCLA

Some thing to cry about

The travel mistakes you’ve operate encouraged me to send you this:

In Munich with daughters Liz, 15, and Katie, 12, we took the metro to the upcoming website to see on our listing. Possessing examined the map previously mentioned the exit doorways, I knew exactly where to get off.
Oddly, every single past man or woman in our car or truck descended at the halt prior to ours. Great. There was probably a beer backyard garden there. We staggered to the doorway, properly awaiting our transform. The train pulled up. But the doors did not open. As an alternative, the whole car went darkish. The engine whirred and shut down.

“Mom! Mom!”

Concrete walls surrounded us. A tunnel light bulb disclosed an crisis gadget following to a window. I grabbed the wooden manage and pulled as really hard as I could. Almost nothing took place other than that I was now keeping a picket cope with. I experienced damaged a piece of municipal devices in a foreign state.

“Mom! Mom!”

Then, from down the line of metro vehicles a mild turned on in initial just one car or truck, then the upcoming, and then the up coming. At last, we could see a strong uniform advancing on us. He was not smiling.

“Katie, cry! Cry!” I claimed. (Katie could cry on command, which I’d used only when just before when I purchased tickets to the wrong sightseeing drinking water bus in Venice, Italy.) I looked earnest: “Entschuldigen Sie, bitte” (“Excuse me, please”). Katie wept copiously. Liz was trying not to die on the place, the most humiliated teenager in 6 countries. I have no notion what the conductor grumbled at us (I’d employed all the German I realized). But the educate whirred, caught and deposited us at the previous station.

The largest disappointment? No beer garden there. Not that I would have long gone, with underage youngsters in my care …

Rosalie Maggio
La Crescenta

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