5 tips on distance learning

Are you struggling with the difficulties of online teaching ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα and learning? These 5 tips on distance learning will help you get through these long hours of classes without even noticing it! Organization is key and you need it more than anything! Keep reading to find out more about our 5 tips on distance learning.

1. Choose how you will work: Live or asynchronous teaching?

It is very important to clarify the following: distance education is divided into modern and asynchronous distance education. Modern distance education is what we call face-to-face teaching and which is implemented utilizing modern transmission platforms such as Skype, Zoom etc. On the other hand, for asynchronous distance education, students enter and study the educational material, which in essence functions as another teacher and is already uploaded on platforms such as Moodle, Udemy, TalentLMS etc.

This should be set by you from the beginning, because you will have to organize your lesson according to both your needs and the target group. What seems to work most efficiently in terms of the learning process of the trainees – here we are talking mainly about adults – is a mixture of the two methods, where some counseling sessions take place at regular intervals, while the trainees study on their own their time the educational material, which has already been uploaded to a platform. This point and consequently this decision is one of the most important for the organization and conduct of your course.

2. Examine the training needs of your target group

In modern environments you can check what your students know and what they do not know, what is the available study time they have, but also mainly what is their goal. In asynchronous environments, however, this is very difficult to do. Do not forget that the educational material is produced before the enrollment of students. So, having in mind who you would like to address, design your educational material and categorize it according to the level of your future students. This should be explicit in the outline, even in the course title. For example, if your course is aimed at beginners, its title may include the word “introduction” or even the word “beginners”.

3. Plan your lesson and tell the trainees what they will learn

In distance learning and especially in asynchronous distance learning it is very important for learners to know in advance what they are expected to learn. The most important reason is for them to be able to check after the end of their learning process whether they have learned what they were called to learn. By planning your lesson from the beginning – according to the educational needs – and by setting a specific goal, you facilitate the learner in the course of his / her self-learning.

4. Use digital tools

Whether you work with asynchronous or synchronous platforms, make sure learners engage as much as possible with digital tools that will enable them to interact with you, each other, or the training material. Such tools can be tools for Quiz, Concept Maps, Augmented Reality, etc.

5. Build an interactive learning material

Depending on the choice of platform you will make, judging by the educational needs of the target group, make your educational material. If you use asynchronous streaming platforms it is very important not to upload a simple PDF file. Remember that in distance education the educational material works like another teacher. It must guide and explain to the student, but also interact with them.

This tip is golden for younger studentsιδιαίτερα μαθήματα δημοτικού as they find it very difficult to concentrate while looking at their teacher through a screen. So make sure that you prepare short videos or interactive quizzes for every class’ material in order to keep their attention on you. For older students, interactive exercises can be used to help them take a small break from the long hours of teaching.

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