Common laptop problems requiring fixing

If your laptop -texnikoi upologiston-  has been facing some problems lately and you might need to have it fixed. Some laptop technicians are using their own techniques in order to fix your laptop but did you know that you can fix some problems yourself too? We are going to talk about the common laptop problems requiring fixing, by giving you some advice on how to do this yourself.

Just remember that if you do not have any previous knowledge in computer repairs or if you are afraid of interfering in your laptop then please don’t. Interfering in your laptop would probably destroy your computer or cause some other issues that would require an expert.


One of the most common problems that laptops are facing is overheating. If you have owned a laptop before then you might have experienced that issue. It is not something very bad but you are going to need to face it as soon as possible. Overheating is usually caused by dirt and dust that has been collected in your computer’s fan and system.

To solve this, you will simply need to unscrew the back of your laptop’s base and clean your fan and filters. After that, just put everything back together and your laptop should work perfectly! As we mentioned before, if you are not comfortable to open up your laptop then you should probably leave it to the experts as some laptops are more complex than others.

Slow performance

The slow performance in laptops is another common problem. Have you ever opened a document only to find out that your system is slow and have it opened five minutes after your command? If this sounds familiar then your laptop is probably full. What do we mean by that? Your laptop has a designated memory capacity for documents. programs, music, apps, movies etc.

If you overdo it with downloading apps and songs then it will get full eventually, causing your system to be slower. Slow performance could also be attributed to malware and viruses as well as be a sign of a failure in one of the computer’s parts.

In the first case you could start off by emptying the memory of your laptop by moving your files to an external hard drive. External drives are a great investment are they can save you from many problems, including the slow performance of your laptop. Our advice is to keep your bigger files such as movies in your external drive so that you will help your system be quicker. As far as viruses are concerned, an anti-virus software and a visit to a technician is exactly what you need.

Battery draining quickly

When a laptop’s battery is  getting drained quickly, you are going to have a hard time moving your laptop or working out of your house and office. This is why you need to face this problem as soon as possible because it is keeping you out of your comfort zone. Most times it is the battery’s issue as if you have had your laptop for more than 4 years, the battery’s performance must be significantly lower.

Make sure that you are using your laptop -and its battery- in the right way. After that check your cables to see if they all fit correctly as one of them might not be snugly fit. If they all fit, drain your battery completely and then charge it fully. If you re-open your laptop and it still does not work properly you might have to replace the battery.

Black screen

A black screen is never a positive sign but this does not mean it can not be corrected. If you turn on your laptop and it does not work or nothing lights up in your screen then you need to follow these steps. Remove your battery and take the charging cable off the power. Hold the power button for a minute or so and then plug your laptop and reboot it. Put the battery back in its place and reboot once more. It should fix your laptop but if it won’t, consult with a technician.

Noisy fan

The noise coming from your fan is not always a bad sign. Fans are starting to work automatically because your laptop is getting very hot. The fan’s job is to cool your device down so that you can work on it properly. If the fan is noisy though, it might mean that your filters are a little dirty. The only thing you will need to do is to clean your filters and fans as we mentioned above.

If your fan is working extremely and it makes a lot of noise, even if you have just a word document open in your computer then you might need to check this with a technician. Remember to not use your laptop in extreme temperatures and to use an external fan base if possible!

No internet

If you are dying to watch that movie or reply to your emails, then having no access to the internet is the worst thing ever! Some times laptops lose their connection to the internet and it drives us crazy. Before getting mad and start yelling, try to reboot your WiFi rooter and wait for a couple of minutes.

Also, do not forget to check your laptop‘s settings to see if something is changed from there.

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