Armored security doors: 5 properties that you should look for in each door

The security door – πόρτες ασφαλείας of the house has many functions. It is the one that welcomes visitors to the house and creates the image of the building to the outside, so it is important to be of high aesthetics and fit.

In addition, however, it is the main gate of the house to any burglars, so it is essential to provide security. How do you combine the two?

Armored security doors offer maximum security while coming in many designs to match different homes depending on their style.

Let’s see below what are the characteristics of a good door, so you know what you are buying.

1. Absolute security

It is estimated that 40% of all burglars in Greece enter the house directly through the front door. So when buying a front door, homeowners should make security a top priority. To provide a door with complete security against burglary, it must have the following characteristics:

  • Cylinder-type lock that cannot be broken
  • Double shielding
  • High-quality steel sheet
  • Large thickness frame for better support and durability.

2. Energy efficiency

To ensure that the front door you invest in is energy efficient, it must be certified to provide thermal insulation, i.e it is airtight. Armored security doors can offer significant savings in heating and cooling costs in winter and summer respectively, as they do not allow air leakage thanks to their materials, which have a very low thermal permeability.

3. Weather resistance

The entrance doors to the houses are exposed to strong winds, rain, and high humidity in winter, as well as to intense sunshine in summer. All this can wear out the door too early if it is not weather resistant. Steel, aluminum, and wood must be specially treated to withstand external conditions and not be subject to corrosion.

4. Elegance

The choices in armored security doors in terms of designs, colors, and aesthetic details are now dozens. You can choose the perfect door, to match the look and style of your home both inside and out. The front door is the first thing your guests notice when they arrive at your home. So why not make an elegant statement with a door that is beautiful but of course durable?

5. Warranty

There are different types of guarantees on security doors. There is a guarantee with anti-burglary certification, but also the guarantee of good operation and non-wear. Depending on your needs, you need to decide which warranty is most important to you. If your concern is high protection, you need burglar certification. For external doors with strong exposure to weather conditions, the guarantee of good operation and durability is also required.

Are you looking for a door that meets all the above criteria? See the armored security doors of Alfino Door and you will surely find the one that covers all your functional and aesthetic needs.

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